The Quality of Life Casino Night and Quality of Life Run are just two aspects of the Billings Association of Realtors® Quality of Life Program.

Realtors® are in the business of selling communities, not just homes. Not only do they live and work in the community, their profession gives them a unique opportunity to know what issues people care about, and what they value in terms of quality of life.

That’s why the Billings Association of Realtors® embraced implementing a program that brings together Realtors®, elected officials, business leaders, housing advocates and our next-door neighbors to work toward a better community for all those who live here.

Realtors® are dedicated to making Quality of Life a multifaceted program. The Association periodically hosts public education events with the goal of opening lines of communication to allow concerned citizens, professional groups and decision makers to address issues within our community as a united force. In addition, Realtors® are committed to community outreach projects that help raise awareness of and funds for non-profit organizations in the community.

That’s where Casino Night and the Run come in to play. The Quality of Life Run was created in 2004 with the goal of benefiting organizations that are working to improve the quality of life for our residents. A second event – Quality of Life Casino Night – was added in 2007, and together the two events raise approximately $60,000 a year for nonprofits in the community.

Since 2004, more than $705,000 has been raised for 70 nonprofits and community projects.